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MusEcademy combines A.S.A.Piano, See Keys and Star Keys Academy.

This website is dedicated to providing the quickest and easiest way for complete beginners to learn how to play and enjoy piano & keyboard.

If you want to play play piano & keyboard for fun, maybe just learn a few cools songs or learn how to read musical score then MusEcademy has the answers for you.

Playing piano or keyboard is a great thing for anyone to do and is easier than you think.

You do not need to spend a lot of money on a keyboard, in fact you can get a lot of enjoyment and feeling of achievement by playing some of your favorite songs on something as cheap and simple as a child’s toy keyboard.

Check out this free lesson from Samantha Griffiths, the creator of A.S.A.Piano…

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Samantha Griffiths

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“If you can understand the basic principles of this single lesson then
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…That was pretty easy to follow wasn’t it! And the good news is that in just 8 minutes you have come on in leaps and bounds because you now have the very knowledge that every experienced pianist & keyboard player uses when playing. Here’s what you now know:

• All the notes on the keyboard
• What an octave is
• How to find middle C
• The basics of sharps and flats
• Fingering patterns and numbers on each hand
• How to position your hands and fingers over the keys
• How to sit with correct posture

Hey…high five, because you are officially no longer a complete beginner. By watching the above free video lesson you’ve taken a huge step forward.

But more importantly we can now put your newly acquired skills into playing some truly impressive songs that will have your family and friends spellbound.

This video above gave you a brief taste of what the A.S.A.Piano ‘Instant Playing Method’ is all about.

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